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Fitness & Nutrition

Real results begin here! PPT is proud to hold the highest educational standard for in-home and corporate personal fitness training, lifestyle coaching, and nutrition. Best of all, you won't need to supply a home gym, as we bring everything that your exercise sessions require, at no additional cost.

Perfect Personal Trainers are degreed & top-certified experts in all areas!

  • Weight Loss
  • Gain Muscle & Body Toning
  • Flexibility & Joint Health
  • Wellness & Prevention
  • Medical Management
  • Improved Energy & Libido
  • Meal Planning & Herbalism
  • Lifestyle & Health Coaching

1-on-1, Private Sessions

Schedule your highly personalized 55-minute sessions in your home, workplace, or at a local park (or any location that you'd like). All equipment needed to achieve each session is supplied at no charge, and there are no fees for travel.

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Training for Two

These 55-minute sessions are crafted for the individual needs for each of two people. Even with very different medical needs and fitness levels, your Perfect Personal Trainer will customize each client's program uniquely, supplying the equipment necessary to reach each person's goals and preventive health needs.

See Rates for Training for Two

Group Training (Four People)

This is very different from a class setting, in that your PPT professional plans each member's coaching according to his or her specific needs. The group's members are not necessarily led through the same exercises unless that is the best approach for that particular group. Equipment is always supplied, by Perfect Personal Training, based on the needs of each participant.

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