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1-on-1 Training

Private personal trainer and wellness coach in-home services involve an extreme level of personalization for your fitness, nutrition, and preventive health. This is the most productive method for the fastest health, wellness & results with your Perfect Personal Trainer.
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1-on-1 Rates

Training for Two

Having a personal trainer exercise with both you and a friend or spouse saves money and makes your personal trainer sessions more fun! Even if you both have different wellness / fitness goals and needs, your Perfect Personal Trainer will structure plans for each of you to achieve the health/fitness success you deserve. *

Rates for 2

Group Training

Our personal training & nutrition coaching rate is consistent whether your group consists of three or four trainees. This is an excellent way to stay motivated with others! All exercise equipment is supplied by your trainer, so you have no equipment to purchase. Get a group together today and save individually with every scientifically-designed, 55 minute fitness session with a Perfect Personal Trainer! *
How is this different from a class?

Group Rates

Nutrition Consulting

Confused about your diet? The solution might be simpler than you realize.Busy schedules and bad habits can easily lend themselves to poor health. Let PPT's certified lifestyle consultants assess your daily schedule and tendencies, find problem areas, and offer means to correction.

Specially educated in the field of weight management, a PPT consultant will spend 55 minutes with you at your home or office, or at a public place of your choosing, finding solutions to your nutrition and weight issues.

At what times of day do you eat? How do you celebrate your successes? When do you find yourself skipping meals?

Let us have a hands-on look at a day in your life. We'll leave you with a solid understanding of what should and shouldn't be in your fridge or on your schedule, and find the methods to make your lifestyle a healthier one.

Nutrition consultations are always part of your 55-minute personal training sessions. If you'd prefer, you're welcome to use the full duration of paid training sessions for the sole purpose of nutrition consulting. Please click here to purchase a session now.

* Please note that personal trainer and nutrition coaching sessions are paid under one account. PPT can not split session costs among varying accounts. Please contact Perfect Personal Training at 877-698-Do-It (3648) with questions.