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Perfect Personal Training provides a very different breadth of service than gyms and fitness centers do. Our prestigious in-home and on-site personalized wellness programs involve a deep level of fitness science and peer-reviewed checks & balances, maximizing our clients' safety, successes and understanding of their risk factors.

Requirements For Personal Fitness Leaders:

  1. Personal trainers are required to hold an associates' degree or better in health science.
  2. Must own, use, and purchase (as needed) the necessary equipment for outcall training — dumbbells, resistance bands, stability balls, fit balls, tubing, ankle/wrist weights, etc...
  3. Must own and use the necessary equipment for fitness testing — scale, means to measure bodyfat, step, stethoscope, metronome, blood pressure, etc...
  4. Must understand and adhere to ACE guidelines and ACSM guidelines for standard and special populations' fitness testing and programming, identifying health history factors and contraindicators when crafting exercise programs.
  5. Must hold at least one current NCCA-accredited* personal training certification.
  6. Hold current professional liability insurance of $500,000 or more.
  7. House-call fitness leaders are required to have clean, undamaged, reliable and well-maintained transportation.

You may submit your application (with copies of your drivers' license, certifications, & other materials) by clicking below.

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Become a PPT Wellness Provider

Perfect Personal Training is seeking top Yoga, Pilates, massage, reiki, Zumba and Tai Chi professionals, in addition to registered dietitians and certified life coaches. For consideration, simply determine your required payrates and travel distances, and contractualize your offers for work with Perfect Personal Training on the following page.

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